nurse jackie 'Nurse Jackie' recap: The Fitch Is All RightPoor sweet sad Lou is back, as well as the fake-asthma little girl from last week, and the devil man supervillain guy. Jackie, having lost some of her pills to the rats in the ceiling, goes begging to the devil man, and of course he gives her some pills in the most effed up way possible (inside a sobriety chip container), with the scariest devil-man smile of all time. Along with this foreboding is the scary feelings of watching Lou circle the drain.

On the other hand, watching Eleanor and Jackie fake-fight over the little asthma girl’s future so she won’t be infected by the awfulness of her d***head mom was one of the sweetest things this whole season, so it’s a wash.

Gloria gets Jackie and Thor to help her steal the Virgin Mary statue from the chapel, and Thor is pissy about the way Jackie treats him for a second, but that’s all the hospital stuff basically. Oh, and a stoned rat drops out of the ceiling onto Zoey’s lunch wrap, so that was fun. Although when Jackie flushes it, you might learn that the visual of a big rat going down a toilet is viscerally upsetting.

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