edie falco nurse jackie 'Nurse Jackie': Sam punches Coop; Gloria finds GodCoop thinks it’s a good idea to tell Sam about sleeping with his girlfriend, which is not true, and Sam thinks it’s a good idea to punch Coop in the nose, which is always true. Coop tries to get Sam fired, but Gloria’s not going for it, and then presents him with a bill for the next six weeks of the Face of All Saints campaign, just like he wanted.

Meanwhile, Sam goes on a bender that ends up with Jackie taking him down to the basement and literally tap-dancing, with Thor, to keep Sam awake and alive. That was beautiful — as was Eleanor and Jackie’s no-tears reconciliation, which takes the form of Eleanor agreeing, against her better judgment, that Jackie’s pain management regimen is her own deal. You can actually see Jackie relax at the thought of telling somebody even one-tenth of the secrets.

Lenny and Zoey finally get it together, which is sort of lovely and sweet, and Gloria finds God hiding in the rafters over Emergency. God is very clear about Jackie’s posh mugging victim — that he’s not one of the flock — which is proven true when he menaces Jackie out in the hallway. Thor tackles him adorably, which makes Thor two for two this week. And Eddie seems firmly comfortable being back in the hospital, offering advice and finally acting like a true friend again to Jackie (and Kevin!). In some ways they seem to have the most honest relationship of all.

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