edie falco nurse jackie 320 'Nurse Jackie': Season 2 picks up in same position, different locationJackie’s back this week for Season 2, and though we last saw her laying flat on her back after ingesting a bunch of pills in the hospital, the consequences of that whole incident is not the topic at hand during “Nurse Jackie”‘s Monday (March 22) premiere .

That’s not to say that Jackie (Edie Falco) won’t be laying flat on her back when we find her again. She will. It just won’t be in the hospital.
I think that may have come off sounding dirtier than it was intended.  
No, no, on the contrary, Jackie seems to be pulling off this whole doting wife and mother deal quite well.
She hasn’t seen her jilted pharmacist lover in months … though that’s about to change. 
And that’s one of the major reasons you must tune in.
Why else? There is the phenomenal — absolutely phenomenal — supporting cast. Also, Coop (Peter Facinelli) cries in the season openier. Cries! Oh, and Jackie will assault some dude, which is pretty awesome too.

“Nurse Jackie” premieres Monday, March 22 at 10:00 p.m. ET on Showtime 


Posted by:Korbi Ghosh