nurses tca summer crystal chelsey mtv 'Nurses': Fear the combination of reality TV and the health care profession

An important caveat before anyone reads this article on the “Nurses” presentation at the TCA press tour:

I do not like “party/fight/party” reality shows. I do not deal well with needles or bodily fluids. Thus, there is no way I’m likely to enjoy a show like MTV’s “Nurses.”

Not that the presentation was likely to change my mind. The sizzle reel for “Nurses” focused on the hard partying and living the titular health-care professionals enjoy in their off-hours. Yes, there is some hospital and medical footage too.

The show itself follows a group of traveling nurses — who work at a hospital for only a few weeks before moving — in Orange County. Since they typically work three 12-hour shifts, the young men and women have plenty of time to party for the rest of the week.

Unlike the idiots we watched on “Jersey Shore,” these reality stars-to-be actually have jobs that benefit society. And how many of us haven’t gone out drinking after work, especially after a tough day?

I just don’t really want to watch the partying and fighting (and needles) on television.

Presentation quotes

  • “Hospitals are just like on television. Doctors f*** nurses, nurses f*** doctors …”
  • “We’re excited to show the world what nursing is really like.”
  • “From the clip, it looks like ‘Nurses Gone Wild.'” – question asked
  • “The general population doesn’t really understand what ’emergency’ is. If you’re not dying, it’s not an emergency.” 
  • “The nicer you are to us determines the size of the needle we use.” (Later clarified to be a joke. But still.)
  • “They’re like a platoon of highly trained, fast-moving specialists.”

Posted by:Laurel Brown