” and all our favorite teens are ready to get in on the action.

Jessie got the Charlotte Ronson job she interviewed for last week. Despite all her bluster, Jessie looks a bit like a lost puppy backstage. There are too many interns so she doesn’t have anything to do, so she watches the show from backstage. (I spied Kristen Bell in the audience! Love her.) Later at a different show, Jessie and PC run into Devorah Rose the magazine editor from last week. Jessie is angry PC is paying attention to someone else, so she punishes PC by letting their friend Kat sit in his front row seat.

Seeing that Jessie’s Charlotte Ronson gig didn’t work out to her liking, she applies at Carmen Marc Valvo. She shows up late which irks the designer, but when she explains that she is in high school and had a French test he lets her slide. Things go much better for her at this internship. Jessie invites PC to the Valvo after party and he invites his posse from the photo shoot, which completely annoys Jessie. When Devorah shows up it’s the last straw for Jessie, who gives PC a bit of a talking to. Dude, Jessie. You’re not his girlfriend or his mother. Give it up. However, it was totally uncool for PC to invite people when he wasn’t supposed to. She lays in to him for it later and implies that these friends are only using him for his money. PC feels genuine remorse and offers to make good with the design house.

PC invites Taylor and Cole to a Jill Stuart fashion show. Taylor spots Amanda Bynes and totally dorks out like the teenager she is, mortifying PC and his friend. Hee. PC passive aggressively asks her to cut it out. Cole spends the fashion show making offhand remarks about the clothes and models, which totally ticks PC off because they weren’t discussing the art of the clothes. Whatever, I’m with Cole. That looked boring. And I like purple, too!

Sebastian invites Kelli to yet another fashion show in order to see if she is still into him. He woos her by telling her how mean he was to Taylor. Great strategy, Romeo. They run into PC after the show and he tries to apologize to Kelli for being a jerk at Camille’s dinner party, but it doesn’t go well. Kelli basically ends up yelling at him until he goes away. Later, Kelli meets with a stylist to work on her image for her singing career.

Later on, Sebastian has a date with the very beautiful Daniela. He pulls out the French again, and this time it works a little better. It turns out Daniela knows Cole, because she goes to public school and apparently all public school kids know each other? I don’t know. For some reason the fact that Daniela knows Cole completely freaks Sebastian out. Daniela earns my respect when she asks to touch Sebastian’s hair and it skeeves him out. Anything that skeeves Sebastian out is AOK in my book. I don’t blame her for getting confused. His hair is looking quite pettable these days, considering it’s as long as an Afghan Hound’s.

Random thoughts:

  • PC called Kelli immature, but his behavior when he couldn’t get front row at the fashion show was possibly the most immature thing I’ve seen all year.
  • Camille spends a good amount of time judging Kelli for getting a stylist. Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t one of Camille’s Christmas presents a consultation with a stylist? Pot, kettle, Camille. Look it up.

Favorite quotes:

  • “If I’m seven years younger than you and have almost the same amount of work experience as you, that’s a bit pathetic, don’t you think?” – Jessie, on her fellow interviewees at Charlotte Ronson
  • “Now that I’m not hanging out with Taylor anymore, we should hang out. Take that however you want.” – Sebastian
  • “I take that as friends.” – Kelli
  • “The fashion show was kind of interesting. I feel like no one would wear that s**t ever.” – Sebastian
  • “You can tell when someone is not from New York and, just, not like a real person.” – Jessie
  • “Guests of guests do not bring guests.” – Jessie
  • “I’m not sure if it’s cool to be bisexual, but it’s cool that he’s bisexual.” – Taylor, on PC

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Posted by:Carrie Raisler