nyc-22-review-cbs.jpgCBS has had no shortage of success with its cop-related dramas. In fact, for the 2011-12 season, the network has six shows in the top 20 that are based on police or military folks doing investigations. But with programs like “CSI” showing their age, it’s no surprise that the network would look to insert some fresh blood into their line up. The most recent effort is “NYC 22.”

The Robert De Niro-produced show follows a group of police rookies as they learn the ropes and learn about themselves while fighting crime. If this logline sounds familiar, it’s probably the exact same pitch producers gave with “Rookie Blue” and countless other cop dramas.

The series features a United Nations of characters including Adam Goldberg as a former reporter, Leelee Sobieski as an ex Marine MP, Harold House Moore as a former NBA player in addition to Tom Reed, Judy Marte and Stark Sands. The whole crew is led by Terry Kinney as Daniel ‘Yoda’ Dean, the wise veteran who explains the ways of the world.

As for the pilot, there’s a gang war and a domestic disturbance that turns violent. Each of these crimes are resolved with varying degrees of success. Quite the first day for the rookies.

The show is pretty much a by-the-numbers cop show. There’s a token look into each character’s personal life, but this element will likely play only a secondary component as the series continues. The emphasis for the show looks to be on the solving of crimes.

The big standout on the show is Goldberg. He’s by far the best actor and he shows it during a crucial scene of the pilot. The other performance of note is Marte as Tonya Sanchez. She brings a convincing performance to her role as someone who will either rise up the ranks quickly or get fired. Sobieski, the other big name attached to the show, brings little and offers no range of emotion at all.

The series debuts Sunday (April 15) on CBS at 10 p.m. ET.

Posted by:David Eckstein