," Camille hosts a dinner party just like a grown-up, but instead spends the evening being insulted for being too young. By an 18-year-old. Ah, kids these days.

Sebastian and his friend Gabe head out to a club to see a "private school band." Whatever that is. Sebastian invites Taylor, who has decided she is really into Cole now and so totally blows Sebastian off at the concert, answering his questions with one word replies and acting like she'd rather be anywhere but there. It's the tried and true passive-aggressive breakup move! After the concert Sebastian tries to get Taylor to talk about her feelings towards him, a line of questioning she not-so-artfully dodges, and then tries to kiss her good night. Instead of the kiss he's expecting, however, Taylor turns her head and gives him the dreaded cheek kiss instead. Oh, burn!

Camille, on the other hand, thinks it's time for her to try having a boyfriend. The problem with this scenario in the past were her extremely high standards, so she decides to lower them in order to find a suitable date. She suggests to her friend Maite that she could just turn one of her random hookups into a boyfriend, and Maite replies with the scathing (yet absolutely factual) statement "they were just random hookups because they didn't want to be your boyfriend." Yes, Camille, they were just not that into you. Props to Maite for realizing something most girls don't until much, much later in life. Camille decides to go out on a date with Dan, a guy she met (off-camera) at the party last episode. Dan has more hair than Sebastian, which I didn't think was possible. What is up with the haircuts on these crazy kids? Zac Efron, what have you wrought? On the date, Camille is obviously uncomfortable and immediately on guard. When Dan says he's going to George Washington for college next year, that pretty much seals the deal for her that he's an idiot since George Washington is a party school. After that revelation, she spends the rest of the date pretty much openly mocking him and acting disdainfully superior. We all can't go to Harvard, sweetie. Lighten up. According to Dan's conversation with PC after the fact, however, it seems liking a guy is not a prerequisite to Camille for a hookup. How very party school of her. (I went to a party school. Can you tell I'm a bit annoyed by her snobbery?)

And now for the big event of the episode: Camille's dinner party. In attendance are Camille, Kelli, Sebastian, Taylor, Cole, PC and PC's friend Kat. Considering Camille invited Taylor and Sebastian and Taylor took it upon herself to invite Cole, things should get interesting, but besides a casual mention the love triangle doesn't get much play. Getting play instead is PC, who arrives and proceeds to call everyone in the room children and generally act like the holier-than-thou douchebag he is. PC gets bored amongst the lesser beings surrounding him and decides to entertain himself by insulting everyone else in the room. Awkward! Yet entertaining! He first tries to start a "who's a virgin" conversation (which goes nowhere fast) and then insults Kelli by calling her a thirteen year old. The one interesting thing that happens is PC takes quite a shine to little Taylor, and decides he and Jessie should take her under their wings as a project, "Clueless"-style. In this situation, however, I think Taylor is the one who's the virgin who can't drive.

After the party, Camille meets up with PC and tells him that he was completely out of line at the party, and that the virgin conversation was extremely inappropriate. Good for her, actually. Also after the party, Sebastian and Taylor meet one last time to come to terms with the end of their relationship. Taylor gets a bit of a shock when Sebastian tells her they aren't really friends and he doesn't have the desire to be friends with her. Hey, at least he's honest. Taylor gets him to label their new relationship as "acquaintances," which completely tickles me for some reason. Taylor, dear, you don't get to drop a guy for someone else and then immediately just get to be friends with no repercussions.

Random thoughts:

  • Did I hallucinate this sequence, or was Taylor Momsen at the concert? And did Gabe point her out as hot but without saying who

    she is, even though you know he TOTALLY knows? Did that really happen?

  • Camille's pleasure in watching Taylor reject Sebastian at the concert was amusing to see. That girl likes trouble, and I like her for it.
  • Also amusing: Camille's dis on Dan for constantly flipping his hair. Hee.
  • Taylor wants to be an elephant trainer? What happened to being a philosopher?
  • PC's deadpan "Kelli being upset devastates me" completely devastated me, but with laughter. I can't stand the kid, but at least he's entertaining.

Favorite quotes:

  • "At first I thought he was kidding when he was dancing, but he wasn't." – Taylor, on Sebastian's spastic dance floor style
  • "I'm not trying to be a bitch to a lot of people but I guess I come off as that. But it's fine." – Camille, on why she doesn't have a boyfriend
  • "Dude, I don't have feelings for girls." – Sebastian, who doesn't realize how easily the jokes write themselves
  • "What do you guys do in your free time? Do you play in the sandbox?" – PC, at the dinner party
  • "If you were a veggie burger, I would so eat you." – PC, to Taylor
  • "I respect that because if I was a veggie burger I'd probably eat myself too." – Taylor, in response
  • "So because you wear tight pants and say darling, that's maturity? I must have missed that memo." – Kelli, on PC
  • "To all the girls out there, warning! Do not date Sebastian, do not talk to Sebastian, do not look him in the eye because he'll turn you into stone like Medusa." – Taylor

What did you guys think?

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