obama bus 2 Obama's $1.1 million bus: Ashton Kutcher probably isn't impressedBlah, blah, debt ceiling, economy, taxes, blah.

Who cares about all that when President Obama is riding around in a bus that cost more than a million bucks! No, we’re not kidding. The Secret Service purchased a bus to protect the Commander in Chief, and according to the AP, it’s the size of a cross-country Greyhound bus. The sleek black vehicle even features red and blue flashing lights so you know exactly who is coming ’round the bend.

Secret Service spokesman Ed Donovan wouldn’t dish on the “design or capability” of the bus, but we’re going to make some guesses. We think it’s probably made of gold, and just painted black so that it doesn’t blind other drivers. Surely it features a flux capacitor, moon landing gear, and a Jetson’s-style robot to attend to the Obama family’s needs. We’d also bet that inside, it’s exactly like the bus from the “Spice World” movie.

(If you don’t know what we’re referring to, watch this. Educate yourselves, you ignorant fools!)

In all seriousness, Donovan wants to assure the American public that the bus isn’t just for Obama, but it’ll be used in the future for other dignitaries. The funds used to pay for the monstrosity were from a special account allocated for transportation and armored vehicles, not from the No Child Left Behind initiative. Oh, and also, there are two of them.

We have to say, Mr. President, this is totally cooler than the Popemobile.

It is not, however, cooler than Ashton Kutcher’s $2 million “Two and a Half Men” trailer. You got Punk’d.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie