Brittanysnow The “Gossip Girl” spin off, centering on Serena’s mom Lily circa 1980s Los Angeles (Brittany Snow landed the role) will debut on May 11 as an actual “Gossip Girl” episode, but executive producer Josh Schwartz‘s first TV series “The O.C.” may play just as big a part in the new project.

Kellyrowan The CW confirms that, as first reported, Schwartz and producing partner Stephanie Savage are seriously considering casting actors to play the parts of “O.C.” characters like Kirsten Nichol (originally portrayed Kelly Rowan) and Jimmy Cooper (Tate Donovan) …as 1980s teenagers of course.

Tatedonovan Could young Lily have crossed paths with those peeps back in the day? Yeah, that’s definitely believable and a damn good idea.

So, if Schwartz and Savage make this happen (please do), anyone in particular you’d want them to cast as young Kirsten and Jimmy?

Posted by:Korbi Ghosh