david crosby graham nash occupy wall street 'Occupy Wall Street' to get soundtrack; David Crosby, Jackson Brown and others to create benefit albumWhile the Occupy Wall Street movement is mostly known for its drum circles, some legendary musicians are adding some real talent with a musical compilation called “Occupy This Album.” But fear not. This isn’t an effort to capitalize on the Occupiers like MTV and Jay-Z have done with TV shows and t-shirts.

The album, which will feature the likes of David Crosby, Jackson Brown, Devo, Third Eye Blind and Yo La Tengo among others, will benefit the movement looking to call attention to wealth disparity.

The AP is reporting the goal is to raise between $1 million and $2 million for the movement.

According to musician Jason Samel who is putting the album together, “It’s really going to be an amazing help for years to come.”

The cash the album raises will go to the nonprofit Alliance for Global Justice. The report states that initially half of the proceeds will go to Occupy Wall Street and with the other half going to “Occupy” movements in other cities who apply for the funds.

Graham Nash, who is also involved in the album, has previously said, “The Occupation movement is really the voice of the people, it’s an idea that’s been a long time coming. I fully support their non-violent protests against a system that is carefully crafted in favor of the rich one percent.”

The album is slated to be released sometime this winter.

Posted by:David Eckstein