nadya suleman belly Octomom Nadya Suleman's bikini bod? It's OK. You can look

Nadya Suleman shows off her post-eight-baby body in a bright red bikini on the cover of the Star.

And guess what? She did it without surgery! Take that, Heidi Montag.
At least she says she did it naturally, not like that cheater Kate Gosselin.
She tells the magazine that she didn’t want to cheat with surgical assistance and wanted to see if she could do it herself.

]]>She also gives post-baby diet and exercise tips to Star readers.

Remember what we all thought, No one comes back from that, after seeing the above photo of her pregnant with eight babies?
Well, what do you think now? Did Nadya accomplish this naturally? Remember she’s never admitted having lips done. Then cast your vote!
nadya suleman bikini Octomom Nadya Suleman's bikini bod? It's OK. You can look
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Photo credits: Star magazine

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead