Nadyaradarmug Nadya Suleman may have done one good thing by giving birth to 14 IVF babies.

She may have spawned new laws to stop other women from ending up in the same situation.

One month after Suleman, a single, unemployed  mom on food stamps from Whittier, Calif., gave birth to eight premature IVF babies, a California lawmaker has introduced a bill that will regulate California’s fertility clinics.

According to People, Sen. Gloria Negrete McLeod says fertility clinics operate largely without state supervision. She says the clinic used by Suleman implanted six embryos even though Nadya already had six other IVF children. It’s been reported that one of the implanted embryos subsequently divided, producing twins.

"It is alarming that the State of California has no one watching out for patients," said McLeod, a Democrat from Chino.

The bill, which also introduces regulations for plastic surgery centers, was originally inspired by the November 2007 death of Donda West, Kanye West‘s mother, who died of heart disease following liposuction and breast reduction surgery.

About time!

What do you think? Should California pass laws that regulate fertility clinics? And plastic surgery centers?

Maybe this will stop more Nadya Suleman multiple births and more Nadya Suleman rubbery lip enhancements.

Would you vote for regulation?

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Posted by:Elizabeth Snead