octomom welfare fraud nadya suleman gi Octomom welfare fraud investigators get Nadya Suleman search warrant

Authorities have obtained search warrants in the case of Nadya Suleman aka Octomom’s alleged welfare fraud. Investigators want to take a look at Suleman’s employment records and financial reports. 
According to TMZ, the warrants give officials permission to seize documents from Suleman’s home and her manager’s office.
The Welfare Fraud Prevention folks in Los Angeles County received information that Suleman collected public assistance despite raking in $200,000 in 2012. The mother of 14 children is entitled to welfare only if she grosses under $119,000 per year.
If the claims turn out to be true, Octomom could face three years in prison. Suleman reportedly went off welfare assistance after taking some high profile stripping and pornography gigs, but landed back in the system after going to rehab for Xanax dependency.
This is also not the first time Suleman has faced legal troubles. She was investigated for child neglect in 2012.
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