odd mom out jill kargman bravo 'Odd Mom Out's' Jill Kargman: 'Everyone feels like a freak as a mother'

Zap2it: How is it for you to play a version of yourself, someone trying to fit into an elite environment, in “Odd Mom Out”?
Jill Kargman: I feel like it’s kooky enough that it feels a bit distanced from me. It felt really natural playing it. I’ve really focused on this esoteric milieu for my whole writing career, so it just grew pretty organically from that.
I know [this] world is cold. I grew up in it, and I’m raising three kids in it. The details and day-to-day life cannot be hatched in a writers’ room or anywhere. I’ve witnessed so many crazy things, I know we could do 87 seasons.
Zap2it: How have you been able to step outside that world enough to be able to maintain your own take on it?
Jill Kargman: Even though I was really in the center of it, I had such perspective, and I understood the value of a dollar. And I had really funny, cool, smart parents who would comment about the excesses like the tail numbers monogrammed on your baseball hat. And we just had such a sense of humor about it, I felt divorced from all of that just over-the-top money.
In the ’70s in New York, there was an embarrassment of riches, and people asked their drivers to drop them off two blocks from school. And now it’s just so showy … there’s so much conspicuous consumption that I think in any town, everyone feels like a freak as a mother, even the perfect people.
In New York, the character of [the zip code] 10021, that neighborhood, is the lead of the show — but I always felt that I was not them, even though I was steeped in it. I just didn’t have a country house, and I didn’t have certain trappings. But most importantly, I had a really close family, and that’s what we try to reflect.
Posted by:Jay Bobbin