The romance between Otis (Jason George) and Zee (Valerie Cruz) has cooled since the first few episodes of ABC’s “Off the Map,” and Jason George isn’t sure if it’s because of his character’s struggle with addiction or that they’re just better off as friends — but he does know that Otis has other options.

Zap2it sat down with the actor on the series’ Hawaiian set, and he says the jungle is no different from anywhere else.

“Have you seen the cantina?” he asks, referring to the doctor’s local hang out that seems to be overflowing with attractive singles. “Here’s the thing: It doesn’t matter how far out there you get, people get their liquor. People will find a spot to get their liquor and try and get their swerve on. Out here in the middle of nowhere is no different.”

Apparently not — though we think we’re a bit more interested in seeing if anything develops between Otis and Mina (Mamie Gummer) than a random tourist at the Catina.

The Mar. 2 episode of “Off the Map” finds the doctors trying to rescue trapped minors (topical!), but we got George to tease some drama that will unfold closer to the end of the season.

“This one’s a lot of fun,” says George of the scene he was filming when Zap2it was on set. “A woman who literally has her hand in her partner’s stomach, and is literally holding her together with her hand.”

We’ll have to wait a bit to see how it got in there.

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell