mamie gummer off the map 'Off the Map': Mamie Gummer could get used to Hawaiian locationMamie Gummer knows that in acting, location is sometimes the thing.

For proof, she only needs to ask her mother … Meryl Streep.

The two-time Oscar winner’s daughter is in Hawaii filming “Off the Map,” the ABC comedy-drama from “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Private Practice” producers Shonda Rhimes and Betsy Beers that premieres Wednesday, Jan. 12. Gummer plays one of several young medics new to a small South American clinic, where the staff often has to improvise in treating the locals.

“It certainly beats Detroit!,” stage veteran Gummer tells Zap2it in a call from her current Hawaiian workplace. “I mean, it’s December and it’s beautiful, and the work is fun. It’s challenging and different from anything I’ve done before, and the people are all very nice.”

While Streep hasn’t visited her in Hawaii yet, Gummer notes her brother and sister have been there recently. “I’ve also had a boatload of friends come over from the mainland, because it’s kind of too good to resist.”

Gummer’s fiance, actor Benjamin Walker, hasn’t had much time for visitation: He has the title role in the Broadway musical “Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson.”

“I see him any time I can,” Gummer says. “I got about five days off in October, and I got on a plane and flew home. And I was home for Thanksgiving. It’s been not the greatest scenario, but at the same time, it’s also kind of the greatest scenario because we’re both so busy.”

As big as the Hawaiian islands might seem, they’re also small enough for the “Off the Map” cast and crew to cross paths with peers working on CBS’ “Hawaii Five-0” reboot.

“We played them in a softball game that everybody got quite invested in, and we kicked their a**,” she reports. “We all go to the same juice place, too. Honolulu actually is quite small, and I’m running into people I know all the time. I’ve even run into people from New York who I wouldn’t run into on the street there.”

Gummer was a temporary CBS employee herself, as an ambitious legal novice in this season’s first two episodes of “The Good Wife.” She says she would have enjoyed a longer stay, but “Off the Map” duty called.

“We had to fight to get that last episode in. That was right when I was supposed to be coming out to prep [for ‘Map’], but I love that show. It was so much fun, and she was such a character.'”

Posted by:Jay Bobbin