off the map clinic 520 'Off the Map': Playing doctor on the Hawaiian set

The setting for ABC’s “Off the Map” may be hostile, remote and undisclosed but the filming location is anything but.

“OTM” shoots on the Hawaiian island of Oahu, in many of the same spots as
ABC’s previous ambiguously tropical series, “Lost.” And though vestiges of “the island” aren’t too hard to find if you’re looking for them, the new series has done its part to create an entirely different world.

Zap2it was among those who recently made the trek when the network hosted a few reporters for a day on set, and before we start rolling out our interviews with the cast, here are a few highlights of what we found:

off the map signs 'Off the Map': Playing doctor on the Hawaiian setHeroin? It’s a problem everywhere — even in places where people are trilingual in Spanish, English and gibberish. Signs with medical warnings and advice on best practices coat the set of the “clinica,” including what seems like several dozen reminders to wash your hands.You’d think everyone would have that one down by now.

off the map clinic bed 'Off the Map': Playing doctor on the Hawaiian setThe clinic is actually one of the most thorough sets we’ve ever seen. Plopped down in a jungle clearing, towards the north of the island, the large house looks like its been there forever. It’s not exactly the ideal location to seek medical help, but it’s a fun place to play with tongue depressors and pretend to be dead.

It also occurs to us that “underfunded, third world medical facility” has the potential for becoming a new branch of hipster chic. We want every end table.

off the map interview 'Off the Map': Playing doctor on the Hawaiian setAs for trials, the jungle does get in a few digs at production. Once
evening settles in on the 13-hour-plus shooting day, bugs and bats swoop into the clinica. And though we were lucky during our stay, rainfall has been an issue throughout taping.

Just a few days before we arrived, the entire dirt area around the building was under several inches of mud and water. There was still residue all over the cast’s surgical booties. Annoying for the actors, yes, but a boon for authenticity.

off the map lost truck 'Off the Map': Playing doctor on the Hawaiian setWe were thrilled with the behind-the-scenes look at “OTM,” but let’s be honest… Less than a year after the finale, it’s still pretty hard to separate Hawaii from our dearly departed “Lost.” And the folks behind the show share our feelings. Members of the crew wear shirts with Ajira logos and Hurley’s cryptic numbers, and up by the craft services station, we found an Oceanic truck, still getting daily use. Why wasn’t that up for auction?

Check back as we continue to post more dispatches from the set, including previews of the rest of the season and interviews with the cast.

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell