Up until now, Ryan (Rachelle Lefevre) has been the most baggage-free character on “Off the Map.”

She doesn’t have a spouse in a coma, a dead fiance or an addiction that demands she have dental work done without any painkillers… but she does have a secret. And in the Feb. 16 episode, “I’m Good,” we find out what it is.

Zap2it recently visited the actress on the show’s Hawaiian set, and though she’s making us hold out a little longer to learn the cause of Ryan’s mysterious cough, she does tell us how it all comes out.

“If she seems non-tortured, then I’m doing my job,” she says of her character’s quiet suffering. “The person it gets revealed to, interestingly enough, is Jason George, who plays Otis. He and I go off to do a really, really interesting case together, and through that, he kind of puts it together and figures out what’s wrong with me. It’s this great, sort of ‘holy oh my god’ kind of moment.”

(Our instincts tell us to go with “consumption,” but this is 2011 and we’re fairly certain the ghost of Poe has no hand in the series.)

While we had Lefevre cornered, she also indulged us by sharing the most absurd circumstances her character finds herself in during the freshman season, which (spoiler alert) includes lots of invisible machete-swinging.

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell