If we were in need of immediate medical attention, actors would probably be the last kind of professional we’d turn. But when you’re playing a doctor on TV, you have to wonder how much of the trade you’d pick up.

ABC has a new clip of the cast of “Off the Map” debating which actor — and which character — they’d most trust in a medical emergency. And after hearing them all out, we’re going with Zach Gilford.

“I have a wilderness first-responder [certificate], which is like a 90-hour first aid course,” says Gilford. “So anything that happens on a backpacking trip, from a fractured bone to a pulmonary edema, I’m trained to deal with.”

Considering we had to look “pulmonary edema” up, he seems like the safest bet.

“I do have real experience, not just TV experience,” he says. “So I’ll have me save me.”

Posted by:Mikey O'Connell