aniston mayer pool b John Mayer dumped Jennifer Aniston already? Yikes!

Jennifer Aniston‘s new (delayed release) film, "He’s Just Not That Into You," is sounding more and more prophetic.

Web word is spreading that John Mayer and Jennifer Aniston have already broken up.

Gawker and other sites say it’s over. Us Weekly calls it a "cooling off."

Yeah, ’cause it really did seem like this relationship got way too hot, way too fast.

Word is that Jennifer wanted a "time-table" for their relationship. And the buzz is that she wanted more and he wanted less commitment. Which is pretty typical.

So she probably had that "Where is this relationship going and how fast will it get there?" conversation with her rocker beau, the one that usually makes a guy jump out of his skin and head for the hills.

Or in John Mayer’s case, to Cabo San Lucas. Without Jennifer.


Wonder who’s next in line for John?

And who will Jen find to help fill her time, now that she doesn’t have to go to all those lame John Mayer concerts? Frankly, I think her giddy groupie-like behavior was the kiss of death for this relationship.

She should have played much harder to get. Then it might have lasted a few weeks longer.

Photo: Did Jennifer Aniston – seen here canoodling in the pool in Miami at the start of their hot ‘n’ heavy romance – already get a little too clingy for John Mayer? Credit: Photobucket

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead