Oh the drama!

You know how I get when I think I’m going to like a show and I don’t.

I had every reason to be excited about "Dark Blue," which premieres tonight at 10 p.m. on TNT. First the network is pretty good at putting out compelling dramas. Second, the series is from Jerry Bruckheimer who knows a thing or two about series television. And third, the series stars Dylan McDermott. I was a big fan of "The Practice" and was hoping that McDermott could put "Big Shots" behind him (no, the show wasn’t that awful, but I think everyone involved in "Big Shots" deserved better).

But you know how sometimes on "The Practice," Bobby could be filled with righteous indignation and hit the same note over and over again. That’s kind of what goes on in "Dark Blue." McDermott plays Carter Shaw, an undercover cop leading a ragtag group of officers. Nicki Aycox (Meg on "Supernatural") is the new to the squad. Logan Marshall-Green (Trey on "The O.C.") is the hothead who definitely is bound for more trouble. Omari Hardwick is the newlywed who hasn’t quite figured out how to balance his professional life and his personal life. But he does seem to be the only character who has a personal life.

McDermott is one unhappy camper. He pouts, barks and glowers throughout the hour. In addition to his stressful job, Carter has a back story filled with angst and sadness. I get it. Their jobs are fraught with turmoil. Lives are at stake. Criminals are really, really bad people. And yes, the show does have "Dark" in the title so I was warned. But it is really challenging to watch a show that is this gloomy and depressing — especially when it is taking itself far, far too seriously. No matter what the subject matter is, at the end of the hour, viewers should be entertained and I really wasn’t. For instance, I don't feel this way while watching a show like "24" where the subject matter and the stakes are just as high.

Things slightly improve by the second episode, which focuses more on Hardwick’s Ty Curtis. Ty makes a silly but understandable decision that puts everyone’s lives at risk. It’s definitely a more compelling hour. I think if "Dark Blue" turned the melodrama down a few notches, it could be an enjoyable show. But for now, two and a half out five stars.

Thankfully "Leverage" is back for a second season tonight at 9 p.m. on TNT. This show is on the opposite end of the spectrum from "Dark Blue." Everyone is having a good time. When we last left the show, Nathan Ford (Timothy Hutton, who hits just the right benevolent but grumpy tone) and merry band of thieving do-goodershad split up. But people come on there would be no show if they didn’t get the band back together again. So that's exactly what happens in tonight's premiere. Even when you are completely confident the team will pull off the caper-of-the-week, it's still fun to watch the episode unfold. "Leverage" is a show that really grew during its first season and ended on a high note. I’m so thrilled that the show kicks off its second season on the same high note. I'm feeling so good about the show I'm not even going to comment about Christian Kane's hairstyle. Four stars.

After you’ve watched "Dark Blue" and "Leverage" let me know what you think.

Ask TV Gal

Any word on when seasons 2 & 3 of My Boys will be released on dvd. I've fallen in love w/it & want to catch up! Freddy

Alas, I checked with TBS and as of right now there is no official release date for the season two and three DVDs. All together now, booooo! I will definitely keep you posted.

Is TiVo better than DVR? Neeners

Even though TiVo and I have had our arguments over the years (like when it deletes something before I’ve watched it or says it has taped "24" but it actually taped the local cable access channel), I’ve only ever owned TiVos. Despite our troubles, I’m loyal to the device that literally changed my life (it’s hard to imagine that there was a time when I had to set multiple VCRs every day). I’ve never owned the DVR you can get with your cable systems. So I turn this question over to all of you — TiVo vs. DVR? Discuss.

Where Have I Seen Them Before?

David Alan Basche was the husband of the pregnant woman who hired Hank to come to the remote island on "Royal Pains." Basche was Kenny on "The Starter Wife" and for some reason I always remember him as Steven on "Three Sisters." Susan Misner was the pregnant woman. She is Dan and Jenny mom Alison on "Gossip Girl." She was also Theresa, the nun Lou dated on "Rescue Me." Jason Kravits was the obnoxious Dr. Dan Irving at the hospital. He was Richard Bay on "The Practice" and we just saw him at Liz Lemon’s high school reunion on "30 Rock."

Michael O’Neill is the minister who baptized Sarah Elizabeth on "Army Wives." He was the Secret Service agent who protected the President on "The West Wing."

Francia Raisa, Adrian on "The Secret Life of the American Teenager," was the daughter of the man in witness protection on "In Plain Sight." Carlos Gomez was her father. He was the mayor on "Shark" and I’ll always remember him as Raul Melendez, the paramedic who died on "ER." Remember he was Ray’s (Ron Eldard) partner?

Well I finally was able to watch the series finale of "Eli Stone." I knew I couldn't hold out for that long.  And you guys were right, things were not left as open ended as I feared they would be but you could still see how there were many more episodes in the show’s future (like how would the whole Grace vs. Maggie situation be resolved). I’m just really going to miss this show. Of course you recognized Gregory Smith, Ephram on "Everwood," as the ex-boyfriend of the girl in a coma. Brenda Wehle was the judge on the case. She was the future Courtney on "Jack & Bobby."

That’s all for today. I’m back on Friday to process Thursday Emmy nominations (remember they are announced at 8:35 a.m. ET), quotes of the week and to start to talk about our hopes for the fall season. Have a question? Seen a familiar face? Want to nominate a quote of the week? Write me at

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Posted by:Amy Amatangelo