Whitney Houston (or as some friends of Zap2it affectionately call her “Aunt Whitna Nippa Housta”) appeared to struggle through her opening night of her Australian tour.
Audiences were shocked by her inability to sing Monday night at the Brisbane Entertainment Center. 


whitney houston zap2it Oh Whitney Houston, we'll 'always love you' but what's going on in Australia?According to reports, she seemed breathless and exhausted, took several extended breaks, coughed often, left the stage, carried a towel to mop her face, and  brought her brother, Gary Houston, up on stage to sing her vocals when she could not. Though contrary to the Brisbane buzz claiming Houston was ill and had disappointed fans down under, People reports that the diva’s concert in Japan was A-OK. “She looked like she was having so much fun,” says a concertgoer to the publication. “She was in great shape and kept up with her dancers!”
This is very sad. And it certainly doesn’t sound like a comeback. Lets hope and pray it’s not a slip back to old bad habits. Has anyone called her mother? Cissy, Cissy. Paging Cissy Houston!
Watch the video and tell us what you think.