oj simpson plea new trial gi O.J. Simpson pleas for new trial in courtroom appearance

As expected, O.J. Simpson pled for a new trial when he made his scheduled courtroom appearance in Las Vegas on May 13. He gave a statement to try to prove that the trial lawyer on his armed robbery-kidnapping case, Yale Galanter, shouldn’t have handled him and thus, because of Galanter’s conflicting interests, Simpson deserves a new trial.

The former football player has been in prison since 2008, and seems to have gained some weight and greyed a bit during that time period. Simpson wasn’t allowed to speak to members of the audience in the courtroom, though he did offer a sworn statement explaining what he plans to testify throughout the week.

“[Galanter] consistently told me the state could not prove its case because I acted within my rights in retaking my own property,” Simpson says is one of his arguments, via USA Today.

Simpson and his witnesses will outline their evidence for the need of new trial throughout the week. Clark County District Court Judge Linda Marie Bell has agreed to hear 19 of Simpson’s 22 allegations of conflict-of-interest and ineffective counsel. Galanter is scheduled to testify on May 17.

“To me, the claims are solid. I don’t know how the court can’t grant relief,” Simpson’s appeals lawyer Patricia Palm says. However, many view this move to be a “Hail Mary motion” in an attempt to change Simpson’s nine to 33 years sentence in Nevada prison. Simpson is due to testify on May 15.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz