Sarahwaynecallies_prisonbreak_240 Has Michael Scofield figured out yet that he’s pretty much up a creek? I don’t think he has and that started to bother me for perhaps the first time during Monday night’s episode of Prison Break.

The episode was supposed to be built around the big reunion between Dr. Tancredi (Sarah Wayne Callies) and Michael (Wentworth Miller). I’m not sure what fans wanted. Were they hoping for kisses and hot sex at a New Mexico motel? Because instead, we got one of the most strikingly realistic scenes the series has ever had.

Dr. Tancredi arrived at their rendezvous and anxiously asked Michael what his big plan to make everything right was. And Michael stuttered something about Panama and Dr. Tancredi looked at him in horror, a look that said, "Dude, that’s all you’ve got?" Michael got her fired from her job, re-hooked on smack, got her father killed, caused her to pretty much become psychologically imbalanced and his only solution is that she run off with him South of the Border forever? Well, this is a guy whose idea of a foolproof disguise this season has ranged from a seersucker suit and a Cubs hat to a pair of glasses, so maybe we shouldn’t be surprised.

Later in the episode, Michael trapped Mahone (Bill Fichtner) in a cage and made a moralizing speech.

"Do you think you’re still one of the good guys fighting the good fight? Because I think we both know you’ve crossed over," Michael railed at him. "You’re on the wrong side chasing the wrong guys. My brother’s innocent. He never killed anyone."

That got me thinking: How many people’s deaths has Michael been directly responsible for in the past season-and-a-half? I’m including Tweener and Abruzzi and the guard from the prison riot and the doctor who reattached T-Bag’s hand and the woman at the payphone and Lincoln’s ex-wife and Lincoln’s ex-girlfriend and the sleazy lawyer who tried to help them and Gov. Tancredi. I’m sure there are others. The show has done a decent job of making most of those people seem deserving, but that’s a lot of carnage brought about because of Michael.

Meanwhile, in another subplot, Papa Scofield shows up talking about how there’s evidence that can get Lincoln exonerated, but what good is that really going to do? Can anybody with more of a background in law tell me if felonies committed in the name of truth are somehow no longer felonies? Lincoln may not have killed the Vice President, but Michael did hold a bank up at gunpoint and he did orchestrate a prison break that led to several dangerous and variably violent criminals being set loose on the civilian population costing the tax payers untold amounts in manhunt costs. It’s going to require a bit of a stretch for any conspiracy to be unfolded that’ll let me see Michael walk.

After a little erotic flesh disinfecting between Michael and Dr. Tancredi (as steamy as things got in the episode), she ditched him. I almost wanted to cheer for her, until she reconsidered and ended up looking down the barrel of a gun. Why do women on Prison Break invariably end up having firearms pointed at them? I guess that’s another issue entirely.

Am I wrong? Is there some way that Michael can get out clean? And were you satisfied with his reunion with Dr. Tancredi?

Posted by:Daniel Fienberg