old spice guy Old Spice guy Isaiah Mustafa returns to talk about his impending return Old Spice guy Isaiah Mustafa is back in his towel to tout the release of a new crop of Old Spice ads set to debut sometime in the not too distant future. (We’re thinking Super Bowl.) Mustafa promises a series of ads whose “entertainment value is second to none.”

You’d better hope Betty White’s not in the game this year, mister.

Here’s the original, Emmy Award-winning ad that had us alternately drooling at the former NFL wide receiver and gasping through our choked-back laughter last year:

Like it? There’s more where that came from. Old Spice has been busy posting quick hit Mustafa vids to YouTube for the past several months. At least enough to help a Wednesday afternoon at work pass that much faster.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson