olivia munn emmys gi Olivia Munn is Nick's 'New Girl' during Season 2Nick (Jake Johnson) is getting a new lady on “New Girl”Olivia Munn has signed on for a guest arc as the new girlfriend of everyone’s favorite bartender/law school dropout during Season 2.

According to Deadline, Munn will drop by during her break before filming Season 2 of “Newsroom” to play Angie, a “sexy, earthy, charming” woman who “can hold her own with the group.” No word on how many episodes she’ll stick around for.

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Wonder how Jess will feel about Angie, considering she didn’t exactly get along with Nick’s last love interest, Julia, played by Lizzy Caplan. For all those Nick/Jess conspiracists out there, isn’t it interesting that although Caroline is blonde, Nick has been going for quirky brunettes ever since Jess moved into the loft?

David Walton is currently guest-starring as Jess’ new love interest, and Rob Reiner and Jamie Lee Curtis will stop by as Jess’ divorced parents during the Thanksgiving episode, which will also introduce Rob Riggle as Schmidt’s cousin, also named Schmidt.

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