Olivia Newton-John, John Travolta‘s "Grease" costar and longtime friend, talked about the tragic seizure-related death of his son, Jett Travolta, at the G’€™day LA gala this weekend.

We asked if she’d had a chance to speak to John.

Olivianewtonjohn "I mean, between us, I have [spoken to him]," the singer said. "Obviously, I sent my love. I want to leave him in peace at this time. I think John and Kelly put out the most eloquent statement that I couldn’t do any better or add to. They know I send all of my love."

John Travolta is a Qantas ambassador and the airline is a longtime sponsor of the G’day LA gala event. John normally attends the ball, but this year he’s grieving for his son and taking the time to heal.

Autism activist Jenny McCarthy‘s heart also goes out to John Travolta. She told Access Hollywood that the news about Jett’s fatal seizure really  hit home.

"When I first heard the news about Jett, I slowly kind of sat down … because my heart went out to them -– you know, such compassion and understanding for what they’ve gone through," Jenny told Access.

Jenny’s 6-year-old son Evan, who has autism, suffers from seizures.

"Last year, Evan had another seizure where he seized for seven hours on and off and we had to put him in a coma for four days so he wouldn’t go into cardiac arrest," Jenny revealed. "So looking at Jett, I cried out of fear for my own son, and for, I can’t even tell you how many children, with autism."

Though an outspoken autism activist, Jenny doesn’t try to diagnose Jett or criticize John.

Keep reading to find out why …

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]]>"I have no idea if Jett had autism," she clarified. "I didn’t see, you know, enough footage, or ever meet Jett to give a diagnosis of my own."

But if Jett had, in fact, been diagnosed as autistic, Jenny does not blame his parents for keeping it quiet.

"It’s very difficult to go places where everyone sees who you are and then their eyes immediately go to the child ’cause they know what the diagnosis is and they stare at the child," she told Access. "And no one ever wants that feeling, so they tend to keep it quiet. They should have the right to keep whatever they want to themselves, and share what they want with the world."

What do you think about Jenny’s position?

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