best lines feb 23 Olympics 2014, 'Tonight Show' and more of the best lines on TV this week

The 2014 Olympic Games are wrapping up, but until they’re good and done, most TV is still in reruns. That doesn’t mean there weren’t plenty of good lines from the shows that did have new episodes, though.
From the first week of “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” to “Pretty Little Liars,” there was more than enough great dialogue this week. Check out some of Zap2it’s favorite lines below.
‘Kroll Show’
George St. Geegland when Gil Faizon pulls out a freezer Ziploc full of wine: “One of the best movies I ever went to sleep during was ‘Sideways.'”

‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon’
Stephen Colbert to Jimmy Fallon, after repaying a $100 “bet” in pennies: “Welcome to 11:30, b****!”

‘Cougar Town’
Bobby: “Let me tell you about my life, son. Last night I had six Doritos Locos Tacos and fell asleep naked under the stars, because I got no job and nowhere to be when I wake up.”
Travis: “Sounds … amazing.”
Jules: “It’s awful. You know he has to steal his electricity from a sushi restaurant/gas station.”
‘House of Cards’
Frank: “One heartbeat away from the presidency and not a vote cast in my name. Democracy is so overrated.”
Howard Webb: All you can offer me is Ethics, which nobody wants.” 
Frank: “The higher up the mountain, the more treacherous the path.”
‘Pretty Little Liars’
Spencer: “He’s ‘A’! Ezra is Board Shorts! He tried to kill Ali and he’s been torturing us ever since!”
‘Downton Abbey’
Lady Violet: “Rosamund has no interest in French. If she wishes to be understood by a foreigner, she shouts.”
Lady Mary: “To be fair to papa, he’d find your being a band singer harder to swallow than your color.”
‘Teen Wolf’
Front desk cop: “Jared, it would be very helpful if you could resist throwing up on the potential explosive device.”
Derek: “I’m not interested in being a victim to a 17 year old possessed by a fox.”
Castle: “Madison made the Hulk angry.”
2014 Olympic Games
Johnny Weir: “[Czech skater] Michal [Brezina] is skating to the soundtrack from ‘Sherlock Holmes,’ so watch for that detective style and mystery caper-solving in this program.” 
Weir: “[Estonian Viktor Romanekov] is looking mildly disinterested today.”
Tara Lipinski: “He didn’t get the memo that this is the Olympics.”
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