Donald Trump gave Omarosa Manigault the pink slip on Sunday night’s (March 31) “All-Star Celebrity Apprentice.” Much to the chagrin of her fellow contestants, as well as viewers at home, Trump has been nauseatingly loyal to the reality show villainess who made her mark on “The Apprentice” Season 1.
La Toya Jackson even got herself fired based on thinking Trump wouldn’t pull the plug on Omarosa’s drama. Meanwhile, Jackson’s accusation that Manigault herself pulled the plug on her dying fiance, “The Green Mile” star Michael Clarke Duncan, got La Toya into legal trouble with Omarosa.
This week, after a 3-D art deal gone bad, Omarosa’s team — led by rapper Lil John — is on the firing line. Omarosa runs her mouth, as usual, ruffling the feathers of her teammates even more than when she fake cried over Duncan’s 911 call in the boardroom earlier in the season. (Hey, even The Donald admitted he didn’t buy those invisible tears.) Sparks fly between Omarosa and Dennis Rodman, who hurls some heated, bleeped out insults at the queen of mean.
Finally, Trump interrupts to do the deed, gushing more than a schoolboy asking his crush to prom in his pre-firing speech to Manigault. “I adore you,” says Trump. “We’ve had tremendous success together. You helped make ‘The Apprentice.’ You helped to make me a star … But Omarosa, you’re fired.”
In her cab ride after getting the boot, Manigault explains her cutthroat strategy this season. Since she feels she is one of the “strongest players” invited back, she expected her competition would be gunning for her. “The only way I could make it to Week 5,” Omarosa explains, “is by stirring things up a little bit.”
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