Justinmiley Is Teen

queen Miley Cyrus getting bored with her pretty 20-year-old boyfriend Justin Gaston?

According to the National Enquirer, the “Hannah Montana” star’s dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, hopes his daughter keeps her model man around, now that she's transitioning from

kid stuff to more mature movies and music.

And there do seem to have been fewer naughty photos of her in her scanties turning up on the web.

But a source says she doesn’t want to be

tied down with Justin anymore.  “She has a nagging

feeling that Justin is trying to ride her coattails to success and she

resents that.”

Trust your gut, Miley.

Miley allegedly told friends Justin is “cramping her style." But Daddy Cyrus, who introduced Gaston to his

little girl last year thinks Justin is a

solid, stand-up Christian guy.

Sure he is. But she's 16, for crying out loud. She's going to be totally boy crazy for a few more years.

Or decades, if she's anything like Madonna.

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead