The National Enquirer tabloid is looking pretty darn legit right about now.

The story of the John Edwards and Rielle Hunter affair has pretty much been theirs and theirs alone since the tab first reported it last October. Recently, they reported that the former senator had been in the Beverly HIlton Hotel with Hunter and that he hid in the men’s room of the hotel from their reporters.

Now ABC is reporting that Edwards has admitted the affair with the filmmaker, 42, and that he lied about it during the last election. 

But he denies that he is the father of Hunter’s daughter, Frances Quinn Hunter, born in February.

Really? So it’s just coincidental timing? Click here to see photos of Edwards with the little girl.

What will this revelation to do the Democratic Party? To Edwards’ political future? To the upcoming presidential election? To Edwards’ wife, Elizabeth Edwards, who is fighting breast cancer? And to the National Enquirer’s readership? I predict a boost on the latter.

Here’s the real kicker: Edwards has said that his affair with Hunter began and ended while his wife’s cancer was in remission.

Oh, well, that makes it okay then.

But here’s my favorite part: When the Enquirer first raised the issue in October, Edwards told reporters the story was "false" and "ridiculous."

Seems to me the only thing "false" and "ridiculous" is Edwards.

Sound off, folks! We can finally talk about John Edwards and his now admitted rumored extra-marital affair behind his dying wife’s back.

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Photo: Elizabeth Edwards and John Edwards at a Mother of the Year awards in May 2008.

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead