larry crowne On 'Oprah,' Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts share their relationship secrets; disappoint with favorite things giveawayOn Friday (May 6), Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts shared their secrets for marriage longevity (not to each other) with Oprah Winfrey’s audience.

“I happen to still be married because I’m not an idiot,” said Hanks. Hanks has been married to Rita Wilson for 23 years.

Roberts, on the other hand, credited romantic chemistry for her happy nine-year marriage to Danny Moder. “I’m just in love with my husband,” she said. But we bet it’s because he, like Hanks, is not an idiot.

The pair was mocked online following their appearance for what were apparently considered sub-par “favorite things” giveaways. Roberts gave each audience member makeup, an herb rub, a workout tape and a tote bag while Hanks added an espresso maker.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, disgruntled viewers tweeted their dismay Friday afternoon.

“Julia Roberts is such a cheap-a**,” wrote one. “I can’t believe the crap she gave away on Oprah.” 

Hanks and Roberts co-star in the upcoming “Larry Crowne,” Hanks’ first return to feature film directing since 1996’s “That Thing You Do.” In it, Hanks plays a middle-aged salesman who reinvents himself by going back to college. Roberts comes into the picture as his professor/love interest. They last worked together on 2007’s “Charlie Wilson’s War.”

Look for “Larry Crowne” in theaters July 1.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson