At the outset of tonight’s episode of On the Lot, we are told, repeatedly, that this is the first of the two final episodes. We are virtually down to three contestants, but that pesky fourth still remains, so it is quickly time for Adrianna Costa to boot one of our final four gentlemen. This is, she tells us, the biggest, most important, vote yet (it is so handy that there are fewer contestants every week, because each vote gets more important than the last, so she can keep saying this truthfully). Adrianna takes her time, but it is eventually made clear that Sam is going home. That makes the final three Adam, Jason, and Will.

The task for our final contestants this week? They have to go all out, put on their thinking caps, and choose the two films that best exemplify their work as a director and show those again. Jason suggests to Will and Adam that they choose for each other, but Will is smart enough to see past this foolishness and shoots him down. Before we actually get to see the films though, each contestant tells us how they have grown — Jason has proved he can hang with the big dogs, Adam is thrilled to have gone from Dance Man to using effects to working with actors, and Will from silent movies to talkies and he even got to work with puppets. Just before the clips and recaps and memories get to be too overwhelming, it is time for the first movie.

Eternal Waters (Jason Epperson) – This was a week five film, wherein he was required to establish a mood and terror. It was not particularly terrifying then and it is still not particularly terrifying. But, I will admit, that I was worried that the actor playing the little blonde boy in the suit was going to drown when in the big old coffin. Also, I swear that I can see the water actually being poured on the little blonde boy in the suit at one point.

Sweet (Jason Epperson) – For his second film, Jason took this gem from week seven. It is head and shoulders better than his first choice, but the voiceover is really clunky at the beginning. I appreciate the look of the film and the little bits of funny, but was left with one small question: the main character seems to throw a dollar bill into the change jar at the lemonade stand, but it makes a noise like change. Why is that? A lot of work went into the look of the film, but apparently less into the sound design.

Glass Eye
(Will Bigham) – This is one of Will’s early works and, he tells us, only cost him $200. He chose it because he thought the audience response was really good. For those who do not recall, the film has a man’s glass eye pop out of his head and then, magically, when he holds his hand up to his empty eye socket he can see out of the glass eye. I have no idea why the eye becomes magic, and no idea why holding a hand up to an eye socket should be the on/off switch. I just wish the dog that came along to eat the eye had done so about ninety seconds earlier.

The Yes Men (Will Bigham) – From last week’s show, Will has chosen his "guy wakes up in a dress" movie. I found it unfunny and ill-explained last week and do this week again. Will would be my choice to win this whole show, I like him the best out of the remaining contestants, but I question his judgment showing this thing again. It makes absolutely no sense. Please, someone, tell me why this man is in a dress. I understand that his cleaners delivered the wrong outfit, but why did he put it on and why does he not remember putting it on?

Dough: The Musical (Adam Stein) – Adam says people come up to him and tell him they want to see this one again, which is why he is showing it. I think that not everyone has it in them to write songs or poetry, and that Adam is one of those people. The rhymes are horrible throughout this tale of a baker looking for a wife and girl looking for a job. And, what is worse, is that it really has the look and feel of a commercial, not a film. Actually, that is only bad if you are trying to make a film and not a commercial. Perchance Dreamworks has a commercial division?

Army Guy
(Adam Stein) – Like Will, Adam has chosen his "guy wakes up in a dress" movie. I wonder if Adam got to choose his films after he knew the order and that Will was going to do his "guy in a dress" movie, because if so, he deserves to win on shear brains alone. I still don’t think the story of Sgt. Joe in the dollhouse is very good, but it is oh so very much better than Will’s boss in a dress for no reason.

Each contestant is given a chance, after they show their films, to make a final pitch. They all say how much they have grown, how they keep getting better, and trying harder and doing different things. Their reasons for deserving to win are each indistinguishable from each other. Carrie says that she would choose Will, while Gary wants Jason to win. If the make up of the studio audience in any way resembles those who vote, the contest goes to Jason.

My advice to you, Jason – learn to button your shirt, and you do not always need to have your sideways skewed baseball cap match the color of your shirt. I have other advice too, not on this show, but it is advice, and for those morsels you will have to check out The TV and Film Guy’s Reviews.

Posted by:Josh Lasser