To put it in strictly critical terms, Fringe is bumming me out.

On paper this is a show I should love. It’s from J.J. Abrams and stars Pacey (aka Joshua Jackson). How could it possibly go wrong?

But ever since the pilot, the show has been on a steady decline. I think I’ve narrowed down the problem to three things:

1. Not everything can be solved by wacky science. I know it’s kind of the premise of the show and I do enjoy John Noble’s Dr. Walter Bishop immensely. But I’m already bored that basically every episode is tied to some crazy science he created decades ago. I get that Joshua Jackson’s Peter is supposed to be the voice of reason. He’s the one who says "I don’t believe pigeons will lead us to the bad guys." But that dynamic is growing tired as well.

2. Not everything can lead back to Massive Dynamics: Please see above. When setting up the bad guys or the bad corporation, a little subtly would be nice. Anytime Walter starts talking about one of his experiments, I pretty much know the next scene will involve Blair Brown.

3. The story lines are far too familiar: We’ve talked about this before but it’s worth repeating that every episode feels a little bit I like, "I enjoyed this story line the first time around when it was on ‘The X-Files.’"

I still think the show has potential and we know Abrams knows how to spin a story. I’m most excited that Mark Valley keeps returning to the show in some form. The mystery surrounding his death is the best hook the show has right now.

What do you think of Fringe? Are you still watching? Talk about it below.

Gossip Girl

I caught up with Gossip Girl. And let me just say when you watch episodes back-to-back, you can’t help but feeling a little ashamed of yourself. Over all the show is tawdry, preposterous and inappropriate, but I can’t stop watching. The show remains a guilty, guilty pleasure. Let’s take a look at the Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Gossip Girl

The Good

I like that the show has shaken up some of the relationships. I particularly think it was a good idea to have Nate move in with Dan and Jenny. And the potential romance between Nate (Chace Crawford) and Jenny has been brewing the background for a long time.

The Bad

Even if I was willing to accept that a 15-year-old could start her own line and create clothes that Bloomingdales would demand, I’m not loving Jenny’s haircut or her eyeliner or her clichéd storyline with a model and a photographer.

At the beginning of the season, Blair and Chuck (Ed Westwick) were my favorite storyline, the reason I kept tuning in. But they seem to go through the same thing every week. Either put them together (even though Chuck thinks it would ruin everything) or keep them apart for awhile.

The Ugly

Let it go. Serena and Dan don’t have to be friends. They don’t have to be anything. Let. It. Go. She’s more fun and a lot less whiny when she’s not around him.

What do you think of Gossip Girl so far this season? Talk about it below.

Question of the Day

Is it wrong that I’m downright giddy that The Ex-List has been taken off the schedule? Discuss.

Where Have I Seen Them Before?

This is more where have I seen someone who looks like her before? Vanessa Zima was the woman giving up her baby for adoption on House. She’s the younger sister of Madeline Zima (Mia on Californication, Grace on The Nanny) and Yvonne Zima (Rachel on ER).

Tim Bagley was Gaby’s doctor on Desperate Housewives. Bagley was Harold on Monk and I’ll always remember him as Larry on Will & Grace.

Deej and Thom recognized Ryan McPartlin as the man Betty had sex with in a bar on Mad Men. McPartlin is, of course, Captain Awesome on Chuck and was Riley on Living with Fran.

Caroline Lagerfelt was Nick’s estranged mom on Dirty Sexy Money. She was David Silver’s mom on 90210 and Serena’s grandmother on Gossip Girl. Michael Lerner was her husband. He was the dad in the TV version of Clueless.

Ernie Hudson was the fire chief who dressed up in women’s clothes on Private Practice. We saw him earlier this year as Dr. Fields on The Secret Life of the American Teenager and he’s also Gus’ dad on Psych. Among his many other TV roles, he was the Warden on Oz and Detective Ridley on Desperate Housewives. Of course, many of us remember him as Winston in the Ghostbusters movies.

Diane recognized Debra Mooney, Edna on Everwood, as Emerson’s mom on Pushing Daisies.

Kathie recognized Susan Misner was the wife of the murdered Vietnam vet on Life on Mars. She’s Jenny and Dan’s mom on Gossip Girl, the nun Lou had a relationship with on Rescue Me and the Captain last season on New Amsterdam. Dean Winters, Charley on Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles, was Vic Tyler . He’s been on too many shows to mention here but his recent memorable roles include Johnny, Tommy’s brother on Rescue Me, and Dennis, Liz’s beeper king boyfriend on 30 Rock.

Sarah Ramos, Patty on American Dreams, was the student who killed accidentally killed her best friend on Without a Trace. Steven R. McQueen, grandson of Steve McQueen, was the murdered student. He was also Kyle on Everwood.

David recognized William Mapother, Ethan on Lost, as the tortured husband Ian on Criminal Minds.

Ginni recognized Carl Lumbly has one of the patients receiving a kidney on Grey’s Anatomy — he was the one paying his son $10,000 for his kidney. Lumbly was Dixon on Alias and Ginni remembers him as Detective Mark Petrie on Cagney & Lacey. Gil recognized George Newbern was the man whose mistress was donating her kidney. We saw him last season as Tomarchio on Jericho. He was Owen on Providence, Julia Sugarbaker’s son Payne on Designing Women, and Bryan in the Father of the Bride movies. Gil says he’ll always remember as the Dan in the movie Adventures in Babysitting.

That’s all for today. I’m back on Friday with this week’s quotes and to talk about Dirty Sexy Money, the season finale of Army Wives and more. Have a question? Seen a familiar face? Want to nominate a quote of the week? Write me at

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