on the road austin santino main 'On the Road's' Austin Scarlett: 'Santino is such a darling, but...'

Anyone who remembers Austin Scarlett from the inaugural season of “Project Runway” knew what to expect of the designer on Lifetime’s “On the Road with Austin & Santino” design-wise. 
The costume, couture and wedding dress designer’s eye generally moves to classic, flowing, and billowing silhouettes, but the fun of the show is the compromise between him and fellow road tripper, another “Project Runway” alum, Santino Rice.
“He’s really an amazing designer and I think that everything we do really is collaboration,” Austin tells Zap2it. “On the show we end up going with my sketch or his flavor, whatever. We always end up collaborating together and really we both respect one another.”
It’s the stuff that we didn’t expect of the designer that makes the show exciting for longtime fans. From biting the heads off fish to injuring himself sliding down a long banister, Austin was pretty much up for anything.
“I think most people were surprised by the different activities we participated in,” he says. “That’s part of the whole fun of doing the show. I definitely saw this show experience as a fun adventure. I love traveling. I love trying new things. I love tasting new foods. I love experiencing new experiences. There’s a whole world out there.”

on the road austin santino 2 'On the Road's' Austin Scarlett: 'Santino is such a darling, but...'

But, of course, we had to dig for the dirt. There must have been something that irked the designer about his pal, right?
“Santino is such a darling, but, of course, living with anyone on the road for a long time, any personality will kind of wear on you,” he admits. “Honestly, Santino is so energetic all the time and that can be a lot to handle, that level of energy constantly.”
Either way, they made it work and in Thursday’s Nov. 4 finale, the design duo goes out big as they head to Dolly Parton’s famous Pigeon Forge, Tennessee amusement park, Dollywood.
“We are designing a performance outfit for the first time together for Lindzi Parker,” Austin says. “I was really excited about the opportunity to design something really spectacular — something really star worthy. Santino really loves to create things like that too, so it was great.”
The season finale of “On the Road with Austin & Santino” airs Thursday, Nov. 4 at 10 p.m. ET on Lifetime.

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