On the "Today Show "this morning, Matt Lauer introduced an upcoming segment on divorce by asking what is the right age to get married.

His cohost Meredith Vieira replied, "I dunno. I got married in my 30s. Then she asked the once-divorced Lauer: "When did you get married?"


Sore subject. Matt is still married to his second wife, Annette, a Dutch model. Although they did separate, and she did file for divorce, they are currently still together and recently had their third child.

Looking clearly uncomfortable with where the banter was going, Lauer kept talking while Vieira giggled and stammered, saying, "Let’s just start this show over."

Lauer plowed ahead, reading from the teleprompter about how your age affects finding a mate and, more importantly, "living happily ever after."

Meredith: "I don’t think I’m gonna be one of those that live happily ever after after this show."

You got that right, Meredith. What do you think? Did Matt handle this marital grilling well? 


Posted by:Elizabeth Snead