snow-white-evil-queen-apple-once-upon-a-time.jpgWhen we last left these “Once Upon a Time” storylines, Emma had made a run for it with Henry, while Snow White rallied the seven dwarves to go rescue Prince Charming from the King.

Fairytale Land

Snow and her roving band of helpers (dwarves, fairies, Red and Granny) try to rescue Charming, but he’s not at the King’s palace. The Evil Queen bought him to lure Snow White to her and use him as a bargaining chip. In exchange for his life, Snow has to eat her poisoned apple, which naturally she does. And it’s sleepy time for Snow (though her cohorts think she’s dead).


Henry gets concrete (or wooden, ahem) confirmation from August about the curse/stories/magic – August is even more wooden than before and is losing ground quickly, but just wants to spend his remaining time with his father, so it’s up to Henry now.

Meanwhile, Regina is out to rid Storybrooke of Emma once and for all by using Jefferson, his hat and her last bit of magic to retrieve the poisoned apple from Fairytale Land. When Emma comes to Regina to call a truce (after some awesome talking-tos from Mary Margaret and Archie about doing what is best for Henry), Regina gives Emma an apple turnover as a peace offering.

But in an outstanding turn of events (that we should’ve seen coming before Henry stopped by Emma’s apartment), Henry eats the turnover to prove to Emma that Regina is bad news. And he collapses.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • The previews for next week look awesome, we cannot wait for the season finale. We can’t believe it’s only an hour. Doesn’t it seem like it should be longer?
  • It was nice to see Mr. Gold remind Regina that all magic comes with a price. That really should’ve tipped us off that Henry was going to eat the apple, but we were too caught up to make the leap.
  • The raid on the castle was amazing – Snow White is such a bad word-we-keep-out-of-a-family-show-blog. You go, girl.
  • We never thought about killing Emma, because this is such a family-friendly show plus she’s the main character, but it’s interesting that killing her would break the curse. That puts Regina in a nice bind.
  • Do you think Regina’s dream was prophetic? Will she be beheaded? We
    can’t imagine Season 2 of this show without her, so we certainly hope
    not. Lana Parrilla is one of the best bad guys on TV right now.

What did you think, “OUAT” fans?

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