snow-heart-OUAT.jpgOn the latest episode of “Once Upon a Time,” there are some grim developments regarding Kathryn’s murder, while Snow White has to be saved by her friends and true love.

Fairytale Land

OK, so is it just us or was the plot in Fairytale Land extra awesome this episode? Snow White forgetting her love and turning into a horrible witch was a great starting place, as was the rather hilarious intervention staged by Jiminy and the dwarves.

It was also nice to see Ginnifer Goodwin play (kind of) evil. Her torture scene with the knight and tying up and leaving James were downright scary. Plus, then we got James’ heroics to keep Snow from killing the Queen – swoon-worthy. And all the Rumpel stuff was fantastic, as per usual. We teared up no less then three times, y’all.


Meanwhile, the stuff in Storybrooke wasn’t as fun (though not that it was bad). But David … he just kinda sucks in the real world. He’s wishy-washy, he’s a cheater, now he’s doubting Mary Margaret. Blech. He is no Charming, that’s for darn sure.

The pile of evidence against Mary Margaret is almost too perfect and thankfully Emma recognizes the frame-up. We just hope MM doesn’t go doing something stupid like busting herself out of jail – talk about playing right into Regina’s hands.

Updated to add: We were finally able to see the closing seconds of the show (stupid DVR cut-off), so it looks like MM perhaps did bust out of jail. Tsk tsk, MM.

Finally, it’s nice to see Emma and Mr. Gold working together again. We may not like what they have to do, but that’s a really fun dynamic between the actors.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • We just had a feeling Kathryn was really dead. Now, sure, Regina could’ve found a way to futz with the DNA test results – but we don’t think so. We think Regina is so hell-bent on keeping Charming and Snow apart that she killed her “friend” Kathryn. Everybody last week who thought it was somebody else’s heart, what do you think now?
  • The scene between Henry and the Stranger was a fun tease. Hopefully we get more information about him sometime soon.
  • Just as an aside, the Queen gets the best fashions on this show. She was barely in Fairytale Land, but her outfit riding on the Queen’s highway? Outstanding.
  • Here are the lines that made us tear up: “I would rather die than let you fill your heart with darkness”; “I will always find you” (said by Snow); “It’s the only thing I broke that I can replace.” And the dwarves rallying to Snow’s side just kept the sniffles going.
  • The love vs. evil theme was in full swing this episode – “Evil isn’t born, it’s made” and “Love is the most powerful magic.” Our DVR cut off the very end – we’re assuming Rumpel managed to bottle love with the hair he plucked off Charming’s cloak and put in a bottle with Snow’s? Wonder what he’ll be doing with that? Also, did we miss anything else because of our silly DVR?

What did you think, “OUAT” fans?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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