raphael sbarge once upon a time 'Once Upon a Time': Archie finds his conscienceIn the latest “Once Upon a Time,” we find out how Jiminy became a cricket and Archie stands up to the Mayor.

In Fairytale Land, Archie is Jiminy, a pick-pocket who runs scams with his parents. He yearns to break free and be someone good, so he takes a magic potion from Rumpelstiltskin. But his father takes the potion on the sly and then sells it to some unwitting folks. It turns them into creepy wooden dolls, orphaning their son.

That night, Jiminy wishes upon a star and the Blue Fairy appears, telling him she cannot bring the boy’s parents back. But she does offer for Jiminy to help the little boy and turns him into a cricket. The little boy, obviously, is Geppetto.

In Storybrooke, a sinkhole opens up and Henry is convinced it has to do with Fairytale Land. Meanwhile, the Mayor puts the pressure on Archie to get rid of Henry’s delusions (“You take that delusion out of my son’s head and you crush it!”), so when Archie lays down the law for Henry, talking about psychosis and institutionalization, Henry runs away to the sinkhole to find some proof.

The sinkhole collapses with Archie and Henry trapped inside. Archie finds an old mining elevator, which keeps him and Henry protected when the people above ground blow the mine to try to open the blockage. They eventually find the elevator shaft and lower Emma down. She brings them back up and then Dr. Hopper tells the Mayor he’s going to treat Henry the way he wants to treat him. Henry told him down in the mine that he can be the man he wants to be.

In the Storybrooke B-plot, Mary Margaret keeps visiting David Nolan in the hospital as a volunteer. She and David are hitting it off, which Emma warns her to be careful about, since he’s supposedly married. David reveals to Mary that he’s been lying about remembering because his wife is so nice. But he then blurts out that Mary is the only thing in the world that feels right to him. It’s a wonderful moment. But Mary Margaret leaves and resigns from the hospital.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • What did the Mayor pick up from the sinkhole? Was that a piece of the Magic Mirror?
  • How great was it to see Harry Groener, the Mayor from “Buffy”?
  • Did you catch Archie’s dalmatian’s name? Pongo, just like in “101 Dalamatians.”
  • Did anybody else get a very ominous feeling when the Blue Fairy said Jiminy would live as many years as he needed to to help Geppetto?
  • Of course Mr. Gold has Geppetto’s parents’ dolls in his shop. Of course he does.

What did you think of “That Still Small Voice”? And who’s excited for more Prince Charming/Snow White next week?! We can hardly wait.

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