ouat parrilla morrison 'Once Upon a Time': 'Beaches' moment with Barbara Hershey, theories on The Stranger and more“Once Upon a Time” had its PaleyFest panel Sunday afternoon (March 4), which included creators Edward Kitsis, Adam Horowitz and stars Robert Carlisle, Josh Dallas, Ginnifer Goodwin, Jennifer Morrison, Lana Parrilla and Raphael Sbarge. Here are some of the tidbits they’ve teased for us fans:

Jennifer Morrison, on believing Henry’s stories: “She’s starting to realize there is something wrong and there is something up, but she’s not sure what.”

Ginnifer Goodwin, on knowing what breaks the curse in Storybrooke: “Once they told me, I kind of felt like a dumb-dumb ’cause it kind of makes perfect sense.”

Adam Horowitz gives some scoop on Archie’s therapy practice: “We have some new patients with Prince Charming and then Mr. Gold.”

Josh Dallas adds, “David’s got problems … why he has this pull and this blinding love towards Mary Margaret. He’s got things to work through.”

And Raphael Sbarge chimes in, “Archie’s got some real job security.” He also teases, “Jiminy will factor more into the stories. We know his backstory, but now his cricketness.”

As for the stranger who has come into town, Kitsis says, “Before we get to the finale, we’ll pretty clear on who he is, what he’s doing, why he wants to do it and how he’s going about it.”

At the suggestion that he is Henry as a grown man, the creators laugh in a “why didn’t we think of that” way and Horowitz deadpans, “Yeah, he’s Henry from the future.”

But he’s totally kidding! Kitsis does tease, “What I’ll say is this – there are a lot of theories out there. Someone’s got it right.”

And Lana Parrilla says of her on-screen mother Barbara Hershey, “I did say to her, ‘Can we just have one ‘Beaches’ moment?’ and so we managed to pull that one off. One moment where she’s my best friend and then it’s over.”

Finally, for those of you who were fans of Sheriff Graham, Horowitz says, “Jamie [Dornan] may have had his heart ripped out in Storybrooke, but he is very much alive in Fairytale Land, so I’d keep watching.”

We definitely will.

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