Once-Upon-a-Time-cast.jpgWe got a chance to chat with “Once Upon a Time” producers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz at Wondercon 2012 this weekend. We reported a while back that these two want to bring the mermaid Ariel into a new season. At the con, we learned that they’ve been sprinkling nods to future characters in each episode!

“I think there are a ton of we’re given a chance to explore,” says Kitsis. “Mulan and Rapunzel would be great. Aurora would be interesting. We definitely saw Maleficent, but we purposely didn’t see Aurora. There are so many characters that we want to get to.”

We asked if they’d been layering in references to characters they’d like to bring in. “Yes,” said Horowitz. “We’ve made references to a mermaid. And there are a couple others that we don’t want to give away. But yes, there are others. We try, when we get an idea, to seed it in and pay if off later.” Kitsis agrees. “We definitely have little things planted that haven’t fully been noticed yet. When people go back, they’ll go ‘oh!'”

Anyone else want to re-watch every single episode to look for references? We’re firing up the old DVR right now! Have you noticed any nods to future characters? Let us know who you found and what episode it was in!

Posted by:jbusch