mr gold once upon a time 'Once Upon a Time': Emma strikes a bargain with Mr. GoldAnother excellent episode of “Once Upon a Time.” It’s three for four, so far. The only one we didn’t love was the second episode, but even that wasn’t bad. Just not as tip-top as the other three, we thought.

Fairytale Land

Cinderella (or just “Ella,” which was her real name) is there being the maid to her step family. The fairy godmother is rather unceremoniously dispatched by Rumpelstiltskin and he makes a bargain with hElla to get her out of her miserable life.

The bargain obviously ends up being for her first born, so when she becomes pregnant with Prince Thomas’ baby (after they are married, of course), Snow White’s Prince James helps them make a new “deal” with Rumpie. They claim Ella is pregnant with twins to trick Rump into signing a contract for the the twins with an enchanted quill that will freeze his magic (Ella claims it’s because they need Rumps to make the crops grow and the people prosperous).

But Rumpelstiltskin sees the writing on the wall, warning Ella that if she were to use magic to trick him, her debt to him would only grow. He must not be too afraid, though, because Rumpie signs and, after being frozen, vows that he’ll have her baby one way or another.

As they lead Rumpie away, Thomas swears to Ella that as long as he’s alive, she’ll never have to go back to her old life. Well, that doesn’t seem like it will go wrong at all, huh? He has also decided to name their baby Alexandra.

Then lo and behold, when Thomas runs to fetch water for Ella, he disappears. Rumpelstiltskin vows that until her debt is paid, she’ll never see Thomas again “in this world or the next.”


In our world, Ella is Ashley Boyd, a pregnant 19-year-old whose boyfriend was forced to leave her in the lurch by his father. The father also arranged to have her sell her baby to Mr. Gold. But Ashley wants to have the baby and with Emma’s buck-up speeches and some labor help, she does – a six-pound baby girl.

Mr. Gold comes to collect, but Emma stands up to him in another one of her excellent ballsy speeches. Gold tells Emma if he lets go of the baby, Emma will owe him a favor and she agrees. And Shawn, the Storybrooke Prince Thomas, turns up to see Ashley and their new daughter, Alexandra – bringing her some symbolic glass slippers.

In other news, Sheriff Graham offers her a job as a deputy, just before the Mayor points out how transient she’s been. Do you think that made Emma want to set down roots and get a job even more? Either way, she takes the job. Yay!

And finally, we find out Mayor Regina’s weekly council meeting is actually a lover’s tryst – but who with? Turns out to be the Sheriff. Nooooo! Blech.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • When Emma gave her laundry room speech to Ashley, I couldn’t help but hear in my head the speech Veronica gave Mandy on “Veronica Mars” – “You want people to leave you alone, Mandy, or better yet treat you with respect? Demand it. Make them.” And it’s a nice little coincidence – Cinderella was Logan’s girl Hannah in VMars S2.
  • How creepy was Mr. Gold’s pawn shop? Super creepy.
  • Speaking of Mr. Gold, Robert Carlyle might be my favorite actor on the show (and that is saying something, because they’re all great). He’s just so charismatic and captivating. Wonderful.
  • It’s too bad there are always going to be these guest stars we only see sometimes – Kristen Bauer as Maleficent, Jessy Schram as Cinderella, etc etc. I want to see them every week! I want Ashley, Mary Margaret and Emma to have adventures. I want Regina and Maleficent to kick back with martinis.

What did you think of “The Price of Gold,” “Once Upon a Time” fans?

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