once upon a time season finale jennifer morrison lana parrilla 'Once Upon a Time' EPs on Jamie Dornan and Emilie de Ravin's season finale returnThe “Once Upon a Time” season finale is just two days away, fans. And to satisfy a little of your curiosity, we’ve got some more juicy details from executive producers and creators Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis about the epic showdown that caps off Season 1.

You may have seen the list of guest-stars already – Jamie Dornan, Kristin Bauer, Emilie de Ravin, Sebastian Stan and David Anders are all returning. So we had to ask, for the three we have yet to really see in Storybrooke (Dornan, Bauer and de Ravin, whose Belle was only seen very briefly), will we be seeing them in our world or just in Fairytale Land?

“I would say that quite truthfully that we are so excited about the way each one is presented that we don’t want to spoil anything,” says Kitsis.

“The way they come back is some of the surprises we want to unfurl in this finale,” adds Horowitz.

Oooh. We cannot wait – we really hope to see Belle perhaps get out of wherever Regina has her locked away.

The big cliffhanger from the penultimate episode was of course Henry and the apple turnover – but how can that be resolved? Is it true love’s kiss in our world? How does that work with a little boy?

“I will say that absolutely gets resolved in the finale,” says Kitsis. “But that is the question we want you to have going into the finale. The thing we think about is the thing that Gold says – magic has a price. And this is a world without magic, so when you introduce it into this world, it always has surprising and unpredictable results.”

We also floated a theory past the creators about these two pictures, which we hypothesize is Emma finding August, either already turned completely wooden or in the process of turning wooden, and we wonder if she starts believing in the fairytales in time to save him.

“That gets explored in the finale,” says Kitsis.

“Emma’s been forced to confront a lot during the season that has tested her belief in our world versus her ability to believe in another world. She’ll continue to be tested in an even more intense way in the finale,” adds Horowitz.

We cannot wait, gang. It promises to be an action-packed hour of television – we wish it was longer!

“Once Upon a Time” airs its season finale Sunday, May 13 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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