once upon a time season 2 finale 'Once Upon a Time' finale: 'Hook and Emma have a connection,' says star Colin O'DonoghueOn the “Once Upon a Time” Season 2 finale, the world’s craziest family worked together to defeat the fail-safe in the curse that would destroy Storybrooke and are now setting sail for Neverland to rescue Henry.

It turns out Henry is a very special boy — and Peter Pan, the ominous shadow-stealing villain, has been looking for him. Greg and Tamara are Peter’s pawns and have kidnapped Henry to take him to Neverland.

One big question we have — when did Greg and Tamara go from wanting to find Greg’s father and get rid of magic to wanting to help Peter Pan kidnap Henry? Did we miss something? Will that be explained next season? That seems like kind of an important detail. Maybe they got an urgent fax from the mothership telling them what to do.

But anyway, now Emma, her parents, Rumpelstiltskin and Captain Hook are off to rescue Henry. We saw a bit of that old Hook-Emma spark in the season finale, even after she told Neal she loved him as he fell through the portal. Even Colin O’Donoghue can’t deny Hook and Emma have something.

“They definitely have a connection. Without a doubt you can see that Hook
and Emma have a connection,” O’Donoghue tells Zap2it. “They both had love, lost it. In a strange
way, they have quite similar backgrounds, outlook on life. They’ve got
good banter with each other, but who knows what will happen there.”

We know there’s a good portion of fans who have high hopes for what will happen there. But we’ll have to wait and see in Season 3!

Meanwhile, we’re also intrigued about Neal being in Fairytale Land with Prince Phillip, Aurora and Mulan — we can’t wait to see flashbacks of how he got from Neverland to when he met Emma. Michael Raymond-James teased for Zap2it that it’s quite the circuitous route.

And it’s nice to see Belle back. We imagine she’ll be a bit of a town lead in the absence of so many big-wigs next season.

What did you think of the “OUAT” season finale?

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