Check out these sneak peek clips of “Once Upon a Time’s” latest episode, titled “The Evil Queen.” Above, Tamara and Greg question Captain Hook in the clock tower. They want to offer him a job — since he failed at killing Rumpelstiltskin last time, they want to help him do it this time.

We’re very intrigued as to why Tamara wants Gold dead. Can’t wait to find out. It’s also interesting to see Gold and Lacey arm-in-arm. Guess his beating of Keith really got her juices flowing — and it appears she has forgotten her pants.

Meanwhile, Snow and Charming discuss how they’re going to have to leave Regina behind in Storybrooke when they go home, which is going to be hard on Henry. Charming says they could give her a choice — stay in Storybrooke or live out her days in Rumpel’s cell.

She’s bound to love that.

But Regina has her own plan — spill the beans to Henry about, well, the beans and the plan to go back to Fairytale Land without her. Oooh, she is so manipulative. But will Henry go along with the fail-safe on the curse? We don’t think Henry will fall for it.

Finally, Emma is suspicious of Tamara, but Snow says it looks like she’s jealous of Tamara, even though Tamara has a list of everyone in town and their Fairytale counterparts. Yeah, that is suspicious. But Snow reminds Emma not to give false hope to Henry that his parents are getting back together, by making him think his dad’s fiancee is up to something.

“Once Upon a Time” airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. Only three new episodes left!

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