save henry once upon a time 'Once Upon a Time': Henry's not here anymore“Once Upon a Time” didn’t go out with quite the bang we were expecting for the big escape from Neverland in “Save Henry” — to be perfectly frank, we thought the show might kill off one of its minor characters, like Wendy or Tinker Bell.

However, what did happen sets up an interesting story arc for the rest of the season.


The gang manages to save Henry — mostly due to Regina because she’s the heroine this week and she’s a total kick-butt babe all over the place. She does a preservation spell on Henry, defeats Pan’s regret-sucking thinking tree, takes Henry’s heart back (plus box o’ Gold), saves Henry, makes it so that his heart cannot be stolen again and makes Pan’s shadow fly them home to Storybrooke.

A+ for Regina. Emma may be the leader, but who got the business handled when it was go time?

However. In the struggle of Pan making one last gasp at Henry’s heart, the Neverland leader seemingly gets sucked into Pandora’s Box. But not really. He is actually inhabiting Henry now. Ruh roh.

Fairytale Land/Storybrooke

In flashbacks, we see Regina’s journey through loneliness to adopting Henry to finding out who his birth mother is. It’s a closed adoption but Regina has her ways and once she knows the “savior” is Henry’s mom, she starts freaking out.

In the end, though, she loves Henry and chooses to keep him, mixing herself a forgetting potion so as to stop being so worried all the time. Apparently she can’t just pop a Xanax.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • Nothing could have made me more sympathetic for Regina than watching her struggle as a single mom, worried that something’s wrong with her baby (or herself) and wondering if she’s a bad mother or that her baby hates her because he won’t stop crying. Poor Regina.
  • Loved the brief turn at the end of the episode of Jared Gilmore doing Henry-as-Pan. He’s not a bad little actor and it should be fun to watch this play out.
  • Where will the Lost Boys and Tinker Bell and Wendy fit in in Storybrooke? Can the Lost Boys go back to their families? Or do you suppose it’s been too long of a time and the families are long gone? I hope the show at least touches on the Lost Boys’ fate.
  • Speaking of Wendy, isn’t it interesting that her brothers were after Henry for Peter Pan 18 years ago? That was a nice touch.
  • So, when Mr. Gold was playing dumb about Emma, that was just him playing dumb, right? He knew all along about the curse and the savior, didn’t he?
  • Do you think when the gang gets back to Storybrooke that they’ll have some time have passed? To explain how Henry is starting to look so old? They can’t really ignore how grown up he is getting.
  • Best Lines:

    Regina: “You have everything and yet you claim to know what I feel?
    All I have is Henry and I am not about to lose him because he is

    Rumpelstiltskin: “You shall see, you will come to me. There is more you need, oh!”

    Regina: “She despaired when she learned that revenge was not enough. She was lonely.”

    Regina: “I need a child, Gold. And I need your help.”
    Mr. Gold
    : “Well, I’m flattered but uninterested.”

What did you think of “Save Henry”?

Update: A previous version of this article identified “Save Henry” as the fall finale. Our mistake, there are two episodes left before the holiday hiatus. Apologies.

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