alcatraz jorge 'Once Upon a Time': Jorge Garcia coming to Storybrooke? Who should he play?The “Once Upon a Time” executive producers recently told TV Guide that they’re hoping to find a part on the show for another “Lost” alum – Jorge Garcia, the awesome Hurley on the former hit drama.

The TV Guide writers float the idea of Stromboli, the villainous Pinocchio character, as a possible role for Garcia, which isn’t bad at all. But it got us thinking – who else might Garcia play?

In the traditional, well-known fairy tales, there aren’t a ton of male characters left. The one that springs to mind first for us is The Beast of “Beauty and the Beast.” Plus then we’d get some awesome make-up.

But branching off a bit – the show has already touched on “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland,” which opens up a whole host of characters from that book and its sequel, “Through the Looking Glass.” There’s the Jabberwocky, the Red and White kings, the King of Hearts, Tweedledee/dum, the Walrus and the Carpenter, the Lion and the Unicorn. Really we could see Garcia in a lot of those roles.

And since the show has not shied away from “Wonderland,” which is not exactly a fairy tale in the same ilk as the Brothers Grimm, we think that opens up L. Frank Baum’s “Wizard of Oz” books, which could see Garcia as the Cowardly Lion or Tik-Tok of Oz.

Or they could go with nursery rhyme characters, like Old King Cole or Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater/Jack Horner/Little Boy Blue type character all grown up.

What do you think, “OUAT” fans? Who would you like to see Hurley re-imagined as? Vote below!

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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