lacey emilie de ravin once upon a time 'Once Upon a Time': Lacey's a bad girl ... and she likes her men bad as wellThe Mr. Gold/Belle relationship took a turn on “Once Upon a Time” Sunday (April 21). What did you think of the twist?

We were not expecting Lacey to be into Mr. Gold being bad. It makes sense, in hindsight, but after the previews of Gold asking Charming for help in wooing Lacey, we figured he would try to get Belle back.

Instead, Lacey is a bad, bad girl and she likes Mr. Gold being a bad, bad boy. That ought to work out well for the town as a whole, eh? A villain on the loose being spurred on by the love of a good woman. That’s a recipe for disaster right there.

In other news, the field of magic beans is coming along nicely, though Emma isn’t sure how she feels about that. She doesn’t really want to return to Fairytale Land, but her parents think it’s the best idea.

Her hesitancy is written all over her face and Regina picks up on it, then uses her reverse GPS magic to find the field. It’s hard to tell if she’s pleased or upset — we didn’t see her destroy the field, after all. We’re guessing she wants to destroy everyone else, then use the beans to transport herself and Henry back to Fairytale Land.

Finally, Tamara and Greg are still scheming  — but they’ve got a new card to play in Captain Hook. Dun dun dun!

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • It’s so great to see Henry playing with his father. Mr. Gold’s dream about destroying Henry was rather upsetting. Can’t wait to see that storyline come to a head this season.
  • After Gold said he would make Belle love him, Regina’s delivery on “There’s the charm that will certainly woo a young lady” was priceless. Delightful.
  • Watching more of the Belle/Rumpel falling in love process was lovely. It’s a shame their real-world counterparts are going so dark, though that will probably be kind of fun for a while too.

What did you think of “Lacey,” “OUAT” fans?

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