Once-Upon-a-Time-cast.jpgWe just got a chance to speak with the producers and the cast of “Once Upon a Time” at the Paley Fest in Los Angeles, and we got some interesting information for you. Not only is the Wonderland episode going to blow your minds, but the finale is going to have a twist that no one will see coming. We also find out why Mr. Gold (Robert Carlyle) is in therapy with Archie (Raphael Sbarge).

“Something happens that pushes him towards it,” Carlyle says. “He has to talk to someone about what’s in his mind. When Raph and I spoke about it we said, ‘of course!’ He doesn’t have anyone else. There is nobody he can talk to. It’s a wonderful opportunity for these two characters to meet.”

He continues, “He tells him stuff that he wouldn’t tell anyone else and halfway through, he realizes who he’s talking to and he’s very threatening to him at the end.” Carlyle also tells us that he bases the physicality of Rumplestiltskin on Commedia Dell’Arte, mask work and his voice on his six-year-old son. “My wee boy. He runs around the house going ‘dee dee dee.’ And that’s it. Because Rumple is like a kid.”

Lana Parrilla talks about Cora, Regina’s mother, played by Barbara Hershey. “She has a very complicated relationship with Regina/Evil Queen. She loves her daughter, but is extremely controlling and manipulative. Basically she has learned everything from her mother. And Barbara was amazing. She’s such a pro. It was such a treat working with her on so many levels.

Ginnifer Goodwin tells us about the strength of Snow White versus Mary Margaret, saying, “The curse would really have to be broken for Mary Margaret to find her strength and who she really is.” She also says, “As strong as you think Snow is now, you’ll be amazed by it as the season continues.”

Producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis tell us that the Wonderland episode is going to be amazing. “We’re telling you the story of how the Mad Hatter became mad.” They also revealed characters they’d like to see if they get a season 2. “There are a lot of characters we’d like to see,” says Horowitz. “Peter Pan, Ariel, Rapunzel … there is a whole world we’d like to explore.”

Josh Dallas who plays Prince Charming talks about the fuzzy moral area having a Prince have an affair. “It’s a sticky area, because Charming and Snow are married in real life, so David and Mary Margaret are really married. So the other marriage is all fabricated and planted there by the Evil Queen. He’s trying to do the honorable thing and find out what these memories were.”

“Once Upon a Time” returns with all new episodes tonight (Mar. 4) on ABC.

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