once upon a time broken season 2 premiere michael raymond james 'Once Upon a Time' premiere: Michael Raymond James and that postcard“Once Upon a Time” came back for Season 2 with quite the exciting episode. We feel we first must address that opening scene.

Michael Raymond-James was cast months ago, but his character has been completely shrouded in secrecy and now we can see why. Someone on the outside knows the curse is broken! Who do you think he is? Our guess is Bae, Rumpel’s son.

But let’s talk about the other fun stuff that happened.


The Storybrookians are hopping mad about Regina and the curse, and they all but gather their pitchforks and torches to storm her castle. However, Henry begs Emma (and his newly discovered grandparents, ha!) to intervene and they protect Regina, not only from the townspeople but also from the Dementor Mr. Gold unleashes on the town to suck out Regina’s soul.

In the end, they manage to banish the Dementor to Fairytale Land, but it takes Emma with it and Mary Margaret jumps into the portal after her.

Fairytale Land

The curse has mysteriously left a corner of the land untouched, which is where all the surviving characters are hiding. Prince Phillip and Mulan have been busy fighting all sorts of battles in their quest to find Princess Aurora. When they do find her, the Dementor is released and in the end, Phillip sacrifices himself to save his lady love(s).

And that’s when Emma and Mary Margaret show up. Dun dun dun.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • The townspeople greeting each other after getting their memories back was lovely. Snow and the dwarves made us cry a little bit.
  • It was interesting that Regina said, “Who’s Jefferson?” in regards to the hat. Does she not remember leaving him in Wonderland?
  • It’s also very curious that David doesn’t know who Dr. Whale is. An excellent throwaway line.
  • Speaking of lines, Mary Margaret’s mention of her one-night stand with Whale and her dismissal of David with a, “Whatever, I was cursed,” was hilarious, as was Emma’s “Maybe I just need to punch you in the face.”
  • The twist of sending Emma and MM to Fairytale Land was genius. Did not see it coming at all, but it sets up an exciting arc for them and for David, Henry and Regina.

What did you think of the “OUAT” premiere, gang?

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